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Recent Bluffton education graduates shared stories, tips and ideas from the classroom at a Bluffton Education Organization (同天) hosted event.

Professional experience

Field Experience and student teaching

During your student teaching experience in your final year at Bluffton, you work independently in a classroom under the guidance of a mentor or cooperating teacher.

However, Bluffton is different in that you get hands-on experience (also called field experience) in a classroom beginning in your first year in the education program.

In early field experience you will observe and assist teachers in classrooms in order to explore various age levels and subject areas. In a second phase, you will start to use the skills that are being developed as you teach short lessons and help with more classrooms duties in preparation for student teaching.


Student teaching in 芝加哥

Complete your student teaching and cross-cultural experience at the same time through the 芝加哥 Center for Urban Life and Culture.


Bluffton University partners with the 芝加哥 Center for Urban Life and Culture to offer a student teaching experience in 芝加哥, Ill.  The program provides a richly diverse experience for student teachers who would like to challenge themselves in a multi-cultural educational setting.  The program also fulfills the Bluffton University cross cultural requirement. 

Students work in a classroom in the 芝加哥 Public Schools for a semester. 监督 is provided through the 芝加哥 Center for Urban Life and Culture.  Candidates attend weekly seminars and process their experiences with peers and supervisors and to learn more about the challenges and promises of urban education. 
More about student teaching in 芝加哥


Educational organizations

The Bluffton University ideal of education recognizes the need for developing the whole person — mind, soul and body. While giving primary emphasis to learning through study and instruction, Bluffton provides a wide variety of activities and organizations designed to develop all aspects of character and personality. Students are encouraged to select carefully among co-curricular activities and to participate in as many as interest and time permit.

Bluffton Education Organization (同天)
The purpose of the Bluffton Education Organization (同天) is to develop in prospective educators an understanding of the education profession, to advance the interests and welfare of candidates preparing for a career in education, and to stimulate the higher ideals of professional ethics, standards and attitudes. There are both formal and informal meetings in which members share ideas and concerns. 

Pi International Honor Society and Professional Association in Education was founded in 1910 to honor excellence and foster leadership skills and intellectual 值.

Membership is offered to students who are seniors or graduate students and have earned a 3.平均绩点5分或以上. Membership is also available to teachers and educators who have met national professional standards. Membership in Pi offers members access to a three-part career service network; scholarships, research support and professional development through national conferences and workshops.



Recent Bluffton education graduates shared stories, tips and ideas from the classroom at a Bluffton Education Organization (同天) hosted event.